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Our infant program is perfect for children from birth to 24 months.

  • A soothing environment to ensure comfortability 

  • Educational toys to help with large and small motor skills development

  • Help with the exploration of new skills such as standing, walking, and climbing.

  • Social and emotional development through meaningful interactions

  • Fluid schedule catered to what best fits each child

Your child will be placed/moved up to the program that best suits their developmental needs.


Infant Learning Goals

At Toddler Town we believe that birth to 6 years are the most important in a child’s development. We also believe that being at a preschool with peers close to their own age helps children develop socially and emotionally as well as pushes them ahead academically.

Here are some goals we aim to meet or exceed with each child who attends Toddler Town. Having these set goals is key to helping each child achieve their fullest potential. We recognize that each child develops at their own pace and believe that giving them space and time while enriching their experiences promotes growth. 

We look forward to being a positive influence in your child’s early learning experience.

Large Motor Skills

  • Walk independently 

  • Able to walk sideways and backward

  • Crawl up and down a few steps 

  • Play with pull and push toys 

Small Motor Skills

  • Build a 2-3 block tower 

  • Turn pages 1-2 at a time 

  • Able to grasp small objects like raisins and Cheerios 

  • Scribble and use a paintbrush

Cognitive Skills

  • Enjoy painting and other sensory activities 

  • Enjoy looking at picture books 

  • Identify self in mirror

  • Starting to sort by shape and color 

Social and Interpersonal Skills

  • Showing affection and attachment to teachers and caregivers 

  • Recognize emotions in others 

Self Help Skills

  • Begin using utensils 

  • Drink from a sippy cup independently 

  • Try to wash face and hands 

  • Help put toys away 

  • Take of socks and shoes

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