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Our 5 year old son attended Toddler Town for the past 2 months. The main reason why we chose Todler Town was our son's favorite teacher Ms. Ericka, which we followed from another Preschool. She is a wonderful teacher and a blessing to our family. What stood out to us right away was how clean and safe the classrooms and grounds are. Since the school opened not so long ago, everything inside is new (furniture, carpets, equipment, toys). Their campus has a several playgrounds. The best part of it is, they even have shades over the playgrounds. This is very nice for the kids playing outside during hot summer day. Staff and all the teachers are so kind and welcoming and we could tell they really care for the kids. Great, responsive owner who's always on top of things. All the teachers and staff know each and every kids' names and personalities. I don't know how they do it but they're all just wonderful! We love the Brightwheel app they use for parents. This app is great for sending us notices and messages, for check in and check out our kid. Compared to the other school, having this app has been the best communication tool. We feel so fortunate to have found this school even for such a short time. Highly recommended!

Our son is 24 months old and have been attending Toddler Town for almost one month. Neeka and Sarah have been amazing and responsive throughout the registration process as well and making my son feel comfortable. We’ve been looking for a smaller preschool where my son would get more attention. We found the right place. Ms Carolyn is his teacher and she’s been attentive and extremely caring. The staff at Toddler Town go above and beyond to make sure the parents are kept informed and send notices throughout the day. My son who’s been with me at home everyday now looks forward to going to school. I’m so glad we found the right school for our family.

My twins just started preschool program at Toddler Town and I am just amazed how welcoming and comforting staff is. I feel so content knowing they are taking care to ease the transition for them.

I am so excited to hear that Ms. Neeka & Ms. Sarah are opening up their own preschool in the Almaden Valley!  It's located at the interior corner where CVS is at the Via Valiente Plaza.  It's super cute, has a gated outdoor play area, and is in a very safe neighborhood. It's a fairly open-concept and welcoming layout inside, which is what kids need.

My experience is primarily with Ms. Neeka, as she was our main POC/Director for pre-school age (2 years and up) for my 2 boys. Ms. Sarah was the main POC/Director for those under 2 (infant care). With Ms. Neeka's leadership, my boys were in great hands, learned a ton academically and socially, and are thriving now.  She listens well and if there were ever any questions/concerns (which were rare for our family), she's always ready to discuss anything so that all parties are happy and/or at ease.  

Another thing about both women was that I always saw them on campus.  They are never hiding at their desks, they are available/present for families and staff to make sure have what they need.  Making sure the staff are supported is also very crucial to happy kids.  Happy educators make happy kids, right?   And these two ladies make sure their staff and kids are their priority.  

As a side: I truly believe the first 5 years of a child's life are important.  Going to a preschool with a staff that is focused on their well-being, fosters a love for learning, and being socially responsible little humans are the best building blocks for a child.  These 2 women will definitely insure your children are in the best care at all times! I am so glad my boys were at a pre-school under their directorship.

If I were to have more babies, I would definitely enroll them in Toddler Town under the guidance of Ms. Neeka and Ms. Sarah. 

Cindy Choy

I am pleased to write this review regarding Toddler Town director Neeka Juneja. I have known Neeka for the past six years. Neeka was the Director at the Pre-school that my daughter attended for four years. From our first conversation, we felt confident and reassured about enrolling our child under Neeka’s leadership. Neeka is calm, present, and is invested in children’s well-rounded development. As a result, we felt comfortable knocking on her door anytime we had a concern, and she addressed it very reasonably. In addition, Neeka makes an effort to know about each child, which helps support parents when they have challenges. She assured us that under her leadership, children would be confident, well-spoken, caring, and can speak for themselves, and for a fact, my child is all of this and much more.

Chandrika Rao

Sarah and Neeka are amazing! The love and support they give to each individual child is exceptional. Finding a daycare that is safe and provides a loving, healthy and stimulating environment is one of the most stressful and scariest things a parent can do. I'm certain Toddler Town will be all of the above and more! Any parent would be lucky to enroll their child here!

Jaki Marino

I wish I could give Toddler Town 10000 stars! My strong, incredible, beautiful, full of sass now 3 year old started here at the age of 2.5. She started at Toddler Town having only spoken Spanish and Arabic and within less than 1 month in she was speaking pretty understandable English and I have seen such improvement in her socialization skills. 
My child is well cared for, how do I know? Not going to school is considered a "punishment" for her. She adores her school, teachers, and friends. 
The staff is incredibly professional, communicative, and SO GENTLE! When my princess first started it was tough, she was going into a new place without her mommy with her all day and I have nothing but the best to say about the staff and the leadership, we received so much support (particularly me). Sending me photos consistently to give me the reassurance I needed to know my baby was okay. We love Toddler Town! Can't wait for my baby (9 months) to start so he can join his big sister in all the fun!!!

Elizabeth Khalil

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