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Infant Program

Our infant program is perfect for children from birth to 24 months.



  • A soothing environment to ensure comfortability 

  • Educational toys to help with large and small motor skills development

  • Help with the exploration of new skills such as standing, walking, and climbing.

  • Social and emotional development through meaningful interactions

  • Fluid schedule catered to what best fits each child

Your child will be placed/moved up to the program that best suits their developmental needs.

Infant Skills

Large Motor Skills

  • Walk independently 

  • Able to walk sideways and backward

  • Crawl up and down a few steps 

  • Play with pull and push toys 

Small Motor Skills

  • Build a 2-3 block tower 

  • Turn pages 1-2 at a time 

  • Able to grasp small objects like raisins and Cheerios 

  • Scribble and use a paintbrush

Cognitive Skills

  • Enjoy painting and other sensory activities 

  • Enjoy looking at picture books 

  • Identify self in mirror

  • Starting to sort by shape and color 

Social and Interpersonal Skills

  • Showing affection and attachment to teachers and caregivers 

  • Recognize emotions in others 

Self Help Skills

  • Begin using utensils 

  • Drink from a sippy cup independently 

  • Try to wash face and hands 

  • Help put toys away 

  • Take of socks and shoes

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