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Toddler Program

Our Toddler program is a perfect fit for children 18-36 months old.



  • Love for learning.

  • Age appropriate fine and gross motor development through ball play, bubbles, large puzzle pieces, etc.

  • Self help and toileting skills.

  • Building vocabulary through reading, singing, and one on one interactions.

  • Support from teachers to build confidence when learning and developing new skills independently.  

Your child will be placed/moved up to the program that best suits their developmental needs.

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Toddler Skills

Large Motor Skills

  • Runs fairly well

  • Jump with feet together off the ground

  • Tip toe with support gradually on their own

  • Throw and catch a large ball

Small Motor Skills

  • Clapping hands

  • Shaking musical instruments

  • Picking up and putting down objects 

  • Rolling out playdough

  • Place large puzzle pieces in correct spaces

Academics and Arts

  • Enjoy hearing and reciting the alphabet song

  • Count at least to 10

  • Recognize basic shapes and colors

  • Enjoy using paints and other mediums

  • Dance during music and movement

Social and Interpersonal Skills

  • Moving from parallel play to associative play

  • Begin basic communication skills

  • Recognize and look for familiar people

  • Start to understand emotions

Self Help Skills

  • Self feeding

  • Toilet training

  • Hand washing

  • Beginning to putting on/taking off own mask

  • Putting on shoes with help

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