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Our Mission

Let our experience enrich your child's experience.

Our Mission

To provide safe, affordable, and quality preschool care through hands on learning in a diverse and inclusive environment.
We believe that when your day starts with a warm and friendly welcome it fosters feelings of value and security. These are important daily elements as your children embark on their first school experience. Small class sizes mean more individualized care and attention.

We believe friends that work together, play together, and learn together, grow together. 

Our Story

Toddler Town is a dream that we have had for a long time, to start our own program and serve the families in our community through early education. We understand the importance of a balanced preschool that not only fosters a strong educational foundation but cultivates social and emotional intelligence as well.


Neeka Juneja


Neeka Juneja has over 15 years of experience including teaching and directing at a leading Bay Area preschool. She has developed innovative strategies for working on behavior and social skills with young children.

Having two teenage children of her own who began their schooling journey at a private preschool, Neeka understands the importance that the right type of preschool plays in cultivating a love of school and learning in a child.


Sarah Vazquez


Sarah Vazquez has a BA in Child and Adolescent Development with over 6 years of classroom and director experience focusing on infant and toddler development.

Being a mom of two preschool age children, Sarah loves developing age appropriate curriculum and fun activities for young children. 

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6920 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95120


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